“ Software made Different and Simple ”

About XimpleSoft

XimpleSoft is a trademark of Simple Software Design and Solution Co. Ltd., a Bangkok based software company founded in 2011, Thailand. We aim to provide our clients with real solutions through our highly effective and quality customer services. The name “XimpleSoft” reflects our company motto “Software made Simple”, which means our goal is to keep our software programs as simple as possible for the users while we take care of all associated troubleshooting. Since requirements of each individual customer can differ, we specialize in the development of custom software applications:
  • On-Cloud and Web-based application
  • Mobile application
  • Geographic Information System (GIS)
To maximize our goal achievement, we had developed our own in-house technologies based on pre-existing Open Source Software (OSS). One major advantage of our invention is that the customization of the software is independent of specific proprietary technologies and can make software maintenance easier in future. Furthermore, the innovation process of our technologies is at the mature stage and ready to be launched. The new technologies can be utilized in some crucial applications that require extreme load with minimal maintenance cost.

Cloud Computing

With Cloud Technology, our customers can work on any platform and anywhere, when internet connection is available. This flexibility of Cloud Technology enables the costs for support and maintenance to be minimized. Furthermore, we take hassle out of maintaining and troubleshooting the problems for our customers. All software and hardware problems will be fixed, without the users knowing.


Naga is an in-house web application framework with Model-View-Control (MVC) software development paradigm. It is written in Python programming language and is an essential part of most of our products. The key features and advantages of Naga are
  • Rapid and secure web-based application development
  • Compatibility with cloud computing
  • Full integration with GIS, e.g., GIS database, online map supporting ShapeFile, GeoTiff, and S57
  • Advance network model, e.g., push-pull, and message distribution
  • Horizontal and vertical scalability for systems with extreme load
  • Base technology for HybridX application, which can be used in online or offline mode.
  • Advance encryption capability


Cloud Technology has one single disadvantage that it requires a permanent internet connection. In some critical applications, ability to work without internet connection is required. To overcome this drawback, we had designed and developed HybridX Technology which allows applications to run in both online and offline modes. HybridX Technology is designed to work with Cloud Technology, in which case data can be synchronized between local applications and service server on Cloud.


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